​ Officials 

  1. Mark Leamer
    Atlanta, Georgia, Commissioner Southeast Director, Executive Board Director APA Apprentice Judge Trainee
  2. Marc van Ginkel
    Lelystad, Flevoland NL, Executive Board APA Judge, Level III Helper
  3. Rik Wolterbeek
    Chicago, Illinois Executive Board APA Judge. Level III Helper
  4. Patrick van Teunenbroek
    Hoofddorp, Nord Holland NL Executive Board APA Judge, Level III Helper
  5. Morris Lindesey
    Gaithersburg, Maryland Executive Board
  6. Ricky Gallaway
    Stafford, Virginia Executive Board Mid Atlantic Board Director
  7. Erik Emptage
    Santa Cruz, California Executive Board Pacific Southwest Board Director
  8. Jay Baker
    Sierra Vista, AZ Southwest Board Director, Helper Coordinator, Level II Helper
  9. Tim Connell
    Rockingham, New Hampshire Executive Board Northeast Board Director
  1. Casey Wilson
    Springfield, MO Mid Central Board Director, Level I Helper



We honor those who made the idea of the APA a reality.  There  were many struggles along the way, but  their  foresight  and perseverance bloomed into the  steadfast organization that the American Politiehond  Association is today.